Preterite Tense Conjugation of Regular -AR Verbs

The preterite tense in Spanish is used to express an action completed at a definite time in the past, equivalent to English simple past tense. For example: They bought a small cake. We took a taxi.

To conjugate -ar verbs in the preterite tense in Spanish, simply drop the -ar and add the following personal endings: , -aste, , -amos, -asteis, -aron.

Here is the present tense of the regular -ar verb comprar (to buy):

Subject Verb Meaning
yo compré I bought
compraste you bought
compró he bought
she bought
you (formal) bought
compramos we bought
we bought
comprasteis you (plural) bought
you (plural) bought
compraron they bought
they bought
you (formal, plural) bought

Note that the endings for nosotros/nosotras in the preterite tense are the same as those used in the present tense.

Here are some examples of other -ar verbs in the preterite tense:

Yo hablé con María. - I talked to María.
Tú estudiaste anoche. - You studied last night.
Él trabajó toda la noche. - He worked all night long.
Nosotros compramos los boletos ayer. - We bought the tickets yesterday.
Vosotros tomasteis la medicina. - You (plural) took the medicine.
Ellas descansaron después de correr. - They rested after running.

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