Learn Spanish Verb Conjugation

Lingvity is a comprehensive application designed to assist you in learning and practicing the conjugations of Spanish verbs.

Whether you're a student, traveler, or language enthusiast, this app offers a comprehensive platform to learn, practice, and master the intricate art of Spanish verb conjugation.

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How does it work?

Lingvity provides a range of interactive lessons, exercises, and exams to enhance your understanding and mastery of Spanish verb conjugations.

Lesson screen

Learn lessons

Each lesson focuses on a specific tense, mood, or verb group, providing clear explanations, examples, and usage tips to enhance comprehension.

Exercise screen

Practice Exercises

These exercises are designed to offer hands-on practice and help you internalize the rules and patterns of Spanish conjugation.

Exam screen

Exam Mode

Test your knowledge across different tenses, moods, and verb forms.

Every feature you need to win

  • Lessons

    Master Present, Preterite, Imperfect, and Future tenses with precision

  • Practice

    Hundreds of exercises are available for free to reinforce your knowledge

  • Listening

    Elevate your learning experience with audio pronunciation of correct answers

  • Vocabulary

    Get ready for everyday conversations by learning and practicing over 50 of the most common and frequently used Spanish verbs.

  • Language Variants

    Switch between Spanish and Latin American dialects to adapt to diverse linguistic preferences

  • Flexible Settings

    Adapt your learning experience to your preferences with flexible settings

Take the first step toward learning Spanish verb conjugation!

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